Apr 122015

Ms. Betancourt Doesn’t Always Share.

Venezuelan model and actress Ana Maria Betancourt enjoys sharing her delicious milk with men from all over the world, thousands of them. The funny thing is, she doesn’t want to share any of it with us, Latinas N Bikinis. Nope, not a single drop of her delicious leche can be had by LNB.

Let us explain.

Not long ago, LNB started following Ana Maria on Instagram, but for some reason, unknown to us, we were immediately blocked from viewing her account. It doesn’t even show up when we search it on IG, as if the page didn’t exist. This is a public page, mind you, with over 45K followers. All of whom are enjoying their daily dose of Ana Maria’s nutritious nectar. Check out her IG for yourself @anitaccs20

We don’t have a clue as to why this sexy creature, who is so generous with her milk, would want to deprive us of the incredible health benefits she is providing other men. We’ve never met Ana Maria and we don’t know much about her, which is why we wanted to follow her. We have never written or posted anything bad about Ana Maria. From what we can tell, there are only AWESOME things to say.

The only conclusion we can come to is that she checked us out on IG, and maybe our website, and she doesn’t like our brand of entertainment publishing. Perhaps Ms. Betancourt doesn’t want to associate with a men’s magazine that features the most beautiful Latinas in the world wearing teeny tiny bikinis. Maybe, instead, if we featured naked women pouring healthy beverages all over themselves in an overtly sexual way, then she would be cool with LNB.

It’s all good, though. We won’t let her distaste for our magazine sour our love for her. I mean, why cry over a little spilled milk, right? No, no, we prefer to step over it and keep on going. Which is why just had to share Ana Maria’s tasty images with you, along with this super hot BTS video of her milk photo shoot with Urbe Bikini. Enjoy!

Milk, it does a body good.

All images © UB Magazine.

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